August 7, 2012

All done with it!

I graduated. I finally did it. After eight years of being in-and-out of school I am done with it all. It seems like my graduation was just yesterday, but it was actually two months ago (I'm late!). It was a bittersweet day for me, as I knew this chapter of my life had finally come to an end and I could hardly believe it. 

My family was able to come up for my graduation and we celebrated my mother's graduation (Master), my brother's (high school) and my graduation (associates) all together. It was a blast to see them again and spend some much needed family time together!

Brother, sister & mom!


A family that studies together, stays together. 

All of us together!

The high school graduate himself. 

Posing for the camera 

It did it, I feel fabulous!

The barefoot hippie who graduated college. 

My little big brother and I!

Hearing my name being announced. 

 My best friend Lindsay and I!


  1. What an accomplishment, Becky!!! And cool about your mom and brother, too! What fun, crazy pink hair!!

    1. Thank you so much! It's been a long-time coming. :)


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