July 20, 2012

Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly

If you are a fan of a certain British sci-fi series that has been running for about 60 years, then you will know exactly what the title of this post is alluding to, and that can only mean one thing -- nerdiness alert!

You might or might now know that I'm a totally Whovian! What's a Whovian? A Whovian is a fan of the the British television series Doctor Who that has spanned a generation. It's British (+1), it's sci-fi (+1), it's funny and engaging (+1), and there are attractive characters -- both male, female and other (+ 10). I delved into the show about two year ago and haven't been able to stop watching it since. 

Recently I attended a Steampunk Festival (see!) and was able to peruse the vendors tables. Doctor Who tends to run into every kind of geekdom, Steampunk not excluded. One of the first vendors I ran into caught my eye specifically because she had Doctor Who themed pieces out in the open. Check out The Paper Snail and her Whovian sister store The Whoporium!

And this is where I bought my newest geeky art piece, and my very first TARDIS inspired knick-knack:

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