July 14, 2012

Ray-gun Pistols and Sci-fi, Part 2

As promised, part two of my visit to the Steampunk Festival is finally ready to go! It really was an absolute blast and I can't wait for next year's festival,  and perhaps I'll even dress up next year.  Check out all these fabulous goodies and trinkets from the booths at the festival. 

What a better place to write your travels and adventures than this fabulous Steampunk Journal!

These little lovely stash of kits and caboodle's came was set out by Five Leaf Clover.

Steampunk Choker via Five Leaf Clover

Keys to my Steampunk Heart via Five Leaf Clover

TARDIS Scrabble Tile via The Paper Snail

Mr. Mustachio's via The Paper Snail

Scrabble Heaven via the Paper Snail

Dictionary Prints via the Paper Snail

Release the Kraken! 

Steampunk "Face" Plates

Mini Octipi

Dreds + Steampunk = Awesome

A dapper Gentlemen's vest

Corsets to die for!

And I leave you with the creepiest (yet awesome) thing I saw, Specimen #423.

What was your favorite part of the festival?


  1. I love steampunky things so much. I am so drawn to the aesthetic. I think it's the historical nerd and sci-fi nerd in me that just can't get enough.

    1. I totally get that! I *heart* Steampunk. =)


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