July 24, 2012

Rainbow Toesies!

Look at these happy and cheerful feets! Can you guess whose they are? *waves* It's me! It's me! Take a look at the brand new socks that I got at the Pride Festival last week! Aren't they just adorable?

Rainbow Toe Socks, Bought at: ModSocks

By Designer: Sock It to Me

I bought these little gems at a downtown independent sock store called ModSocks. I first ran into ModSocks while reading the Betty Pages (they were a featured advertiser). I was super surprised to hear of a sock-only store, but I knew I had to go check it out! Luckily enough for me they were on the Pride Parade route. Check out a few of these fun pictures!

Super fabulous socks! I bought the rainbow pair on the very left and I hope to buy the happy cloud on the aqua blue background socks soon!

Check out these fabulous boozy-themed socks as well as obviously geeky and nerdy ones thrown in for good measure. What tickled my fancy most about the pair of socks I bought was the good-wishes message that graced it. It said, "Thanks for sharing your feet with us!" Join me later this week when I feature an interview with Urania Shaklee, owner of ModSock.

Do you have a favorite pair of socks?

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