July 5, 2012

The magic of when you were young

About a week ago, I was able to host a 9-year old at my home for a fun and fabulous sleepover. Before we did, we headed over to a friends house for fire-pit fun and wouldn't you know that is when she 'stole' my camera. I give to you, a 9-year old's view on a Friday night.

And yes, that is 2 AM you see on the clock in my kitchen. I had fallen asleep earlier and I didn't know what was on my camera until after she had left the next day. It was such a blast to have her at our home and listen to the magical and amazing perspective of a nine-year old. We spent the night talking about how everyone should be able to get married, no matter who they loved; playing apples to apples; teaching her how to play an XBOX game (Fable for my fellow geeks) and making bath bombs. Who wouldn't want to have a night like that?


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