June 9, 2012

Rawr! Goes the Dinosaur

Some of you may remember a little while ago when I told you I started working full-time at soap-making supply company.  Well, after a few months, soap is finally being made! It's so exciting to be learning a new craft and being able to create something from it!

This is a picture of my very first cold process (made from scratch) that I've ever made! I was able to make the lye water, choose my own fragrance and colors and even mix it together. We made this in a Beginner's Cold Process class that I took at Otion Soap Bar

What you didn't see was the inside photos of what happened when we were in the class. After the class was over I went to take pictures of my soap to send to my husband (who is away for a few weeks) and this is what happened...

This is what the inside of soap looks like...yes, I dropped my new  phone into a still wet batch of cold process soap. Luckily, the phone still works and there was minimal damage (yay)!

Earlier this week, I stared working on a present for a couple of people I absolutely adore, my fabulous sister and her amazing girlfriend. They are cutest, most in love couple I've met in a really long time and I wanted to make them a gift, so I decided to go with soap. They got to choose the colors, scents and molds of what I did and had full creative control over it. These are the soaps I've come up with for my sister's girlfriend, J.

Mold: Dinosaur Trio Mold, Background Color: Activated Charcoal, T-Rex Color: Amethyst Purple Mica, Scent: Wasabi

I think that soap-making is a lot of fun, but the more I get into it, the more I realize that in order for it to go fast and not drag on for hours, I'll need a microwave (I only have a crock pot). But I have a few more ideas in mind that I'm going to try out and then I'd like to move on to lotions, body butters and perfumes, particularly the later because I love fragrances and essential oils and blending them together.


  1. Oh wow. How much fun!?!
    I am really digging the dinosaur soaps. Did they smell as awesome as they looked??

    1. It was a blast Shari! I love making soap, and it was less than a year ago that I didn't know the difference between soaps! They smell fabulous, they definitely fit my sister's girlfriend, I just finished my sisters and the smell sooo good! Rhere is even one with Tangerine/Grass Stain blend, it smells WAY good. :)

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  3. I love the soaps Becky! I've always wanted to try making my own but haven't taken the leap forward yet...

    1. Thanks Kirsten! You would love making soap, it really is a lot of fun (more fun than I was expecting) and you get to create something that you'll actually be using!


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