May 5, 2012

Saturday Morning in Bed Edition

What an amazing Saturday morning it is and it's only 10 'o clock in the morning. I am so happy that this week is over and that I get to spend the weekend relaxing and recharging my batteries. I never thought I'd understand the idea that people live for the weekends, but I most certainly do that now that I am employed full-time.

Earlier this week I made guacamole for the very first time from a recipe that I found over at Mallory's Musings. It turned out so yummy that I'm going to have repeat it again this week!  

Credit to Mallory at Mallory's Musings 
I finally feel like I am in a schedule with my life, it's taken a couple of months but I've gotten used to what working full-time feels like. It's new, exciting, hard, but totally worth it in the end to me. What's great is that work has given me the tools, understanding and inspiration to start my blog back up and do more with it. I knew what I was doing before, but because I am a Social Media Assistant, I have been given the chance to learn more about something I love and apply it to my own life as well. I'm super excited for that to show in June when I unveil the new look to the blog!

Have a Happy Cinco de Mayo, drink responsibly and be safe!

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