May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Revisited

On Monday of this week, like many Americans, I celebrated Memorial Day. Unlike others, I choose not to spend this day partying or having a barbecue but I chose to remember the those who have served our country with a quiet remembrance picnic by the river and a short trip to the cemetery.

The Nooksack River is a definitive part of Whatcom County, and if you live in Bellingham, Deming, or even Lynden, you've heard of it. This river was named after the Nooksack people who have lived in this area for thousands of years. There is nothing in the Nooksack history of them ever living anywhere else, how cool is that? (Source)

While walking along the shores edge, we came across something that tickled my fancy. Someone had separated the rocks by color making it look contrastingly beautiful and intentional. It reminded me of a modern-day personal stone circle.

My husband picked up a few of the red rocks you see in the picture above with just one hand, and they were light as a feather. We even played catch with this huge pumice-y rock... although we couldn't remember what was the actual name of it, does anyone know?

A little while later we explored the bridge that crossed the Nooksack River and found a secret little place underneath. We actually climbed up underneath and onto to part of the bridge, even though it was a little scary when cars passed overhead. 

And my husband spotted a birds nest, and then another one. I was lucky enough to get close enough to take a picture, it was one of the highlights of being outside in nature. I realized that I need to start getting out more often and taking photographs, it is what makes me so happy.

Isn't this such a beautiful bird's nest? I wonder what type of bird lives there? If I was a bird, this is where I would love to live. The eggshells were this gorgeous aqua color that I would love to paint my walls or tables or do a project with! 

After we ate lunch and took our walk, we drove back to town and took a visit to Bayview Cemetery, where over 20,000 people have been buried, which is a super humbling thought to me. I live just a few miles from this plot of land where 20,000 people have been buried and have had their final resting places!

I felt small and quiet as I looked out and saw all the flags, it reminded me of all the people in my life that have served in the military in one purpose or another, my grandfather, my friends, my in-laws, and even my own husband (wasn't he a cute kid?).

Even the very oldest of graves in the cemetery of people who had served for their country had a flag on their grave. It made me grateful and sorrowful at the same time.

At about thirty graves in the cemetery, I left pennies to let their families and friends know I visited their graves.

What did you do for Memorial Day?

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