September 17, 2011

Food Poisoning

***Since Mama Kat took her inspiration from me this week (9/29), I've decided to give this a re-post!

3. Yuck. Food Poisoning
3. An inappropriate time to laugh
It was around eight months after we had been married, M. had been working at the universities Student Health Center in the mornings and would be gone every morning from 3 AM-7AM. 

One morning, they had been celebrating someone's birthday and there was a  breakfast provided to the employee's. M. came home that morning and it seemed like he was feeling just fine. He offered to drive me to class later that morning and as we were getting in the car, he mumbled to me, "Honey, I don't feel so well," so I walked over to where he was and as soon as I did he threw up.

Now, if you think about it, most people's first reaction is to be concerned or grab a bucket or do something helpful. The only thing I could do at that point was to start to giggle. It became so bad that is was uncontrollable and body-shaking. I felt horrible, but my immediate reaction was to giggle. 

After I came home from class M. was still feeling ill and would throw up occasionally. Being the dutiful, concerned wife, I'd ask if he was okay, and he would throw up and I would giggle. Since this incident we have found that my bodies response to bodily issues such as this one is instantaneous laughter. M. forgave me a long time ago and all my friends know that I will have to step out of the room if they become ill.

Just know, if you become sick around me, I love you and will help you out, but you'll have to pardon the giggles.


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  1. Hah! That's a much better reaction than I would have. I would probably

    a. throw up as well. (I don't do well around vomit)


    b. run out of the room saying, "EEEWWWW..."

    I'm not very nurturing when it comes to that. :(

  2. At least you don't giggle manically as a newlywed when your spouse first throws up. Oh my. I've never been able to live that one down!

  3. A terrible thing to have. No good.


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