August 1, 2011


A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.  ~James Dent
Summer is finally here!

It's August and the Pacific Northwest gets it's one month of summer. As you can see, everyone is enjoying being lazy in the sun.

    And the drinks are flowing......


      1. ahh... what perfect photos, capturing the beautiful laziness of summer, friend! xo

      2. Oh Emily! Thank you so much. It so feels like the summer here. It's so warm and happy and magical right now.

      3. I can not wait for summer, lovely pics mase me feel like a little drink or two!

        Thanks for your comment on my driving photos. I feel like a uber weirdo... Its so nice that you do it too. Thanks for the lovely words.

      4. @Amberlee, do you not have summer? Scratch that, I just realized you lived in Australia! It's funny, sometimes I want it to be cold, but when it is, I only want it to be warm again.

        You are totally not a weirdo! It's awesome!

      5. great shots! love the mason jar - that's a very southern thing around here :) I'll have to show my husband your quote - he'll love it :)

      6. @Allison, thank you for stopping by! I didn't know that other places did the mason jar thing, perhaps we are a city of southerners and we just don't know it yet. ;)

      7. Wow! Jennie was right, your pictures are amazing! I'm visiting from Fond of Blond and the award post she did.
        Hope you're enjoying your one month of summer! (I would wilt if we only had one month...I hate the cold).


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