July 8, 2011

Nine, not Ten

 1) A list of 10 old TV shows you’d like to make a comeback.

This is a prompt that just jumped out at me. I'm quite a fan of TV shows and have some of my favourites. These are shows that I wish could come back, especially the ones that were canceled prematurely.

*Technically, it is a mini-series, but I wish they could have made another one

To be completley honest, I could only think of nine TV shows that I want returned to TV. I am sure there are more, but my brain is just plum out of thinking-thoughts today!



  1. I never watched any of these shows. Most I didn't even hear of before.

    Here's a link to my list:

  2. @Karen, These are defintley different shows and not mainstream at all! I love each and every one of them though. You should try them out!

    And thank you for stopping by my blog!

  3. @Chris, I've never actually seen that show, can you believe it?

  4. oh my Becky....I would love to see Dead Like Me and Firefly come back too!

  5. @Courtney,

    I am SO glad that someone else know Dead Like Me. Did you see the movie (it was horrible!!)

  6. Ironically enough, I didn't even know there was a Dead Like Me movie but Serenity is one of my all time favs :)

  7. Jericho, McGyver, Dollhouse, The Pretender, The Event (even though it's just been canceled)...

  8. I never saw the Event, was it any good? And I 100% agree on Dollhouse. Loved that show! :)


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