July 15, 2011

Happy Early Birthday To Me!

My dear husband is so sweet to me.  Since M is going to be gone (again) this year for my birthday, he decided to go ahead and give it to me early! 

My other camera was accidentally sat on (by me) on our camping trip a few weeks ago and the LCD/viewfinder cracked. Since that time I have been aiming it blindly for the past couple of weeks and it is super hard to take any decent pictures.

I've been playing with my camera ever since we bought it earlier this afternoon. Here is my favourite picture so far

Here are a few other ones I was able to get in the past few minutes


  1. so lovely to 'meet' you, becky... my hubby got me a camera for my birthday too :) isn't it wonderful? i love the photo of the cat and its reflection....

  2. Thank you Emily! :) I really enjoy your blog. The camera is a blast. Just caught a few more of the kitty. She is going to have so many pictures of herself! :P

  3. I have the SX120 IS and love it...at least the parts of it that I understand. I really need to spend more time studying the manual so that I fully understand how to use all the settings. Or, even more fun, perhaps I should look into taking a digital photography class - Snapshots for Dummies, or something. ;-)

  4. @BluMoccasin, I love what I understand to. I was just talking to the hubby about how I needed to read the manual to understand it better.


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