July 16, 2011

Book List

If you take a look at my Book List, you can see that I have several hundred books waiting to be read. After re-organizing the bookshelf the other day, I decided to challenge myself and read all the books that I own (even ones that I have already read) and write book reviews on each of them and share them on this blog. As I purchase more books; which inevitable; I'll be adding them to the list.

So far, I have two book reviews:


How many books do you own? Which ones are your favourites?


  1. I own a LOT of books. I think rereading all of them would be pretty daunting. That is cool that you are doing this. I look forward to seeing your reviews.

  2. I totally get that, my book list is around 300-400 books at least with the pile growing larger and larger every week. I'm excited because I haven't read in such a long time and I'll get to re-read my favourites.

  3. Yay! How exciting. Let me know how it goes. I have so many book I own that I haven't read yet!

  4. @Lari!

    It is exciting and a bit daunting, but I've never challenged myself in this particular way, so I'm excited to that!


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