July 19, 2011

Upppity Women of Medieval Times

You want a book that talks about women kicking ass and taking names? Then this is the book for you. From author Vicki Leon, this book recounts the tales of  women of the medieval ages from Europe to Korea to Africa and beyond. Ms. Leon takes a humorous approach to recount the lives of these women who had a vision and did something about it and keeps your interested in the history.

Some may not like her by-the-cuff way of talking about the women, but I  think it helps in getting to know the women she it letting us know about it without it sounding like a dry textbook. Regale yourself with the tales of Urraca of Aragon, Onorata Rodiana or Hroswitha. These women were merchants, sailors, queens, thieves, mothers, nuns and lovers. They tried their hand at everything from sewing to being a visionary to murdering their husbands. 

This is a must recommend anyone who digs females in history. Vicki Leon also has a few more books in the series, Uppity Women of Ancient TimesUppity Women of the New World, and Uppity Women of the Renaissance.

Go ahead and read them and share with us who your favourite uppity woman is.

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