July 28, 2011

Book List - Sideways Stories From Wayside Schoool

Anyone else remember these books from elementary school? I entirely forgot that I even owned this book until a friend recently returned it. This was one of my favourite books as a child and I always enjoyed the wickedly funny stories that it included.


In all there are the stories of twenty-six of the students in Mrs. Jewel's classroom at Wayside School. Each chapter is only a few pages and has the typical elementary school banter as well as imaginative ways to interpret certain situations. It is a perfect book to start chapter-book readers out on.


My favourite line has to be



  1. I am not familiar with the book, but it sure looks fun. Love that line.
    I must ask, did the friend borrow it recently or she just needed 15 years to return it?!

  2. My favorite was definitely Charlotte's Web! COem over and see a rustic room!

  3. OMG! I remember my teacher reading those to us. I loved them!!

  4. @Stasha, these books are so fun. You should check them out from your local library. :)

  5. @BluBabes, that's a great book!

  6. I totally read that one!!!! I completely forgot about it...I wonder what else I've forgotten! :)

  7. @Katie and @Mama, I'm so glad others remember and love these books too! :D


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