July 6, 2011

Book List - Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil

    It is quite intriguing to me, seeing all the complexities of life that I would not have seen were it not for my most recent read. While flying from Houston to Sea-Tac on the Fourth of July, I was able to finish a book by my personal bodhisattva (though I am quite convinced that she would be repulsed by that title), Inga Muscio. The book, entitled, Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil : My Life and Times in a Racist, Imperialist Society is an eye-opening, no holds barred book about the racism and white imperialism that is slapping us in the ass and spitting in our eyes.


     As with her other books, this brings up deeply complicated feelings that hover between rage and despondent sadness. During my reading of her work, I maintained a love-hate relationship (and everything in-between) with what she wrote. There were many times that ever after a sentence or two, I had to throw the book down and stew in my own thoughts about what she had just slapped me in the face with.

    In my experience, there has never been another author that has been so in-your-face and upfront about the reality that you, I and every other person in this country experiences every day. Whether you are from the suburbs to the ghettos, the country-clubs to the barrios, this book is for you. Inga speaks, encompassing the whole of society and not just a niche that is easy to aim for.

    Like her other books, Love and Cunt, this book speaks to you in a way that is rare for a writer to achieve. I would suggest this book for anyone, no matter your background.


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