June 2, 2011

I am the Cat Lady

Yes, you heard that right. I never thought I'd be one of 'those' people growing up, but I am. I am dearly and happily a cat lady. 

This is my little baby, her name is Maybe. She is the sweetest, cuddliest, and funniest kitty I have ever met and she is my saving grace. 

Last year was a tough year for me, both physically, mentally, spiritually & emotionally. She came around at the perfect time and I cannot imagine my life without her.

She is one of the silliest kitties I've ever met

One of the sleepiest too

And one of the sweetest little girls ever


  1. She is beautiful!

    Yes,all my cats, past and present, have been family members to me.

    I currently live with my 4, Pushka aged 9, Kitty aged 5, 6 next month, Suki aged 3+, will be 4 around October time, and Suki's daughter Dizzy, aged 3 also! Suki was only 7 months old when she surprised us with 4 kittens. She'd previously been a stray who we adopted, and a visiting tom who we thought had been neutered impregnated her within a fortnight!! Cheeky Big Boy, lol. We originally kept 2 more of her kittens, Squealer and Sox, but unfortunately they were both killed by cars within 3 months of each other aged 13 months and 16 months..I still grieve for them.

    I love all of my cats and can't imagine life without them. We did start with a tom called Smudge who'd been passed around a little before coming to us aged 6 months, and he lived with us for 2 years, but when we moved around the corner he refused to leave our previous address so moved in with our neighbour there, then we had Diamond for 10 months until I believe she was catnapped whilst waiting outside a corner shop for me..I was only in there for around 3 minutes and she was waiting for me on the windowsill, then she'd disappeared :(

  2. I've got my sweet little kitty Paw. She's my everyday companion and I couldn't imagine life without her! <3

  3. So wonderful to hear about your kitties. They make life so much more bearable sometimes, don't they?

  4. I have had cat animal companions all my life. My first 'kid' adopted when I was newly on my own, though, was as important in my life as your Kitty Paw. Her name was Gogo (she had gogo boots on her back feet). She saw me through marriage, divorce, remarriage, chronic illness, and six moves. We were kindred spirits. I love all my kids but there will only be one Go. Long life to your Kitty Paw.

  5. @I Wonder Wye, this little girl is my Maybe {baby}. Last year was a pretty awful year for me and I was able to adopt her in late August and she saved my life, in more ways then one. :)


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