June 13, 2011

Face Time

For the longest time, I always itched and scratched when I wore makeup. No matter what kind, it hurt my face, my eyes and made me breakout like crazy. Recently I found out that I was allergic to pretty much everything under the sun (gluten, lactose, sugar, soy, cranberries, mushrooms, & celery for starters). 

The other day M and I went out on a date to celebrate seven years since we had started dating. I decided to get all gussied-up and pretty for him. I put on makeup and my eyes started welling up with tears and my face was getting itchy. 

As soon as I came home this evening I decided to dump the makeup that made me itch, and these pictures represent that rather extensive pile I came up wit.

For me, finding something without chemicals, irritants and other ingredients that should NEVER be on your skin is so very important. If you want to know more about the absolute JUNK that is your makeup and work to make what is going on your skin healthy and legal, check out Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.


  1. I pretty much go sans make-up. I use sunscreen. If I feel the need to wear make-up, I use Aveda products. They are plant based and Aveda works to protect the environment. Why don't I use make-up? I don't like to spend the time on it! Even 5 minutes, which is how some companies sell their products, either door to door or in-home parties. I guess I'm lazy...

  2. I'm like that as well. The only time I use makeup is when it is a special occasion.


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