June 29, 2011

First Date, Forever Date

It was my second semester of college, and I was only a mere eighteen years old. The semester previous, I had spent time, effort, and money to find a guy. So far, nothing, zilch, nada. So I gave it up to the universe, and said, it's all yours, not mine. I was determined to get good grades and improve my GPA.

It was probably the first week of summer semester, when me and my best friend Lizzie heard that some new cute guys moved in down the street, so we decided to mosey on down and take a look.

We walked up the steps of the old hospital (now converted into apartments) and I took a deep breath, was I going to find anyone or was it going to be an epic fail like my previous semester. As we peered in apartment four, we saw a guy sitting on a chair, wearing a baseball cap, and playing the guitar, oblivious for a few seconds that we were even there. It the quietest whisper I was able to muster, I said, "dibs!" to my friend.

He noticed that there were now two young female co-eds standing in his kitchen. He introduced himself and we introduced ourselves. I asked about his guitar and how long he had been playing. As we were making small talk, the gears in my head were turning on how I might flirt with him, the only thing my hormone addled brain was able to say was, "Hey, you could teach me guitar sometime."

After we left, Liz and I tittered about how cute he was and that if things didn't work out between me and this new guy, that she would like a go.It was about two-to-three weeks later, while we were sitting outside on the steps of Liz's apartment that he asked me out. This, in fact, was the very first time in my whole life until that point that anyone had ever asked me out on a date. I immediately said yes to it and we made a date for later that week to go see a movie at our local dollar theater.

The rest of the week it was all butterflies and anxiety in anticipation of this first date. I couldn't even decide what to wear, so I gathered my roommates and had them do my hair, makeup and even chose what I would wear. When the time came for us to go on the date, I nervously answered the door when he knocked and said goodbye to my friends.

We walked, hand-in-hand to the theater just talking about anything and everything. We saw what was playing and he asked if 13 Going on 30 was alright, and I said sure (I had already seen it, so I knew I wouldn't have to pay too much attention to it, but he didn't know that).

Honestly, all I remember about the movie was staring at him the entire time and holding his hand and nervously wondering if my sweaty hands were going to bother him.

After the movie was over, he offered to walk me back to my dorm room, which I graciously and happily accepted. We held hands and talked some more about our lives and who were.

When we came near my dorm rooms, I asked if we could sit outside, because it wasn't quite curfew yet. We settled on a larger decorative rock and talked. He sat to my side, a little higher up then I was. For the most part, I really don't remember a word he was saying, I much, much too nervous. Then I saw he was coming down to try to kiss me. My mind raced and I didn't quite what to do, so I just went for it.

It was awkward, we bumped noses, but it was one of those magical kisses, it really was. As soon as our lips parted, he made a comment about how we bumped noses and the first words out of my mouth were, "Practice makes perfect!" For me, at the time, I couldn't believe that I had just said something so brazen, but he didn't seem to care and he came in for another even more magical kiss.

After a few more minutes of kissing, I noticed the time and had to excuse myself to catch curfew. As soon as I walked to the inside courtyard of the dorms, I squeaked and couldn't stop smiling. I took the stairs two by two until I reached the top. I swung open the front door of our apartment and walked right in.

My roommate just looked at me and said, "So??" I told her I couldn't that I couldn't say anything yet and that I had promised to call Lizzie first. I picked up the phone, hoping that my roommate wouldn't see my hands shaking from excitement. When Liz picked up the phone, all I said was, "And what type of ice cream do you want?"*** Squeals erupted from inside my apartment and the phone I held up to my ear.

That night I couldn't sleep do the excitement of having a date with such a wonderful guy. And guess what, a little more then seven years later (June 10th) we are still together. :)

*** This may need some explaining. Up at BYU-Idaho there was a certain culture (certainly religious, due to the fact it was a LDS-owned, private, four-year university) and there were some traditions and ideas that abounded. One being the code of conduct of what to do for your roommates when you've met someone.
When you hold hands you give your roommates M&M's, first kiss is ice cream and an engagement is steak.

It is definitely a quirky tradition, but I wouldn't have traded that time in my life for anything.


  1. So cute! Love this! I am SUCH a sucker for romance! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is such a sweet story! Congratulations to the both of you, that's so wonderful. :) And I'm happy to see that y'all are blissfully married, too!

  3. Thank you so much! :D

    We are blissfully married, but I wouldn't want anything else!

  4. Cute!! I heard about the m&m's/icecream tradition at BYU Provo but never actually did it.

  5. It was almost doctrine at BYU-Idaho at times. It was expected, which scared me at times.

  6. cute story. I had no clue that BYU-I had their own dating lingo, that is pretty funny

  7. @lindsey, yeah, it's a little weird, and most people don't know what I'm talking about, but it was fun.


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