May 19, 2011

The One I Love

*Post inspired by Fond of Blond, which prompts, "List ten favorite things about one of your favorite people"

    *My husband happens to be my favourite person in all the world*
Mr. M*
1.  You make me laugh.  Every minute of every day of every year, you have made me laugh; whether or not I even wanted to. You try to bring laughter and joy to every situation. Whether I am grumpy in the morning, having a bad day or just received bad news, you always try to cheer me up and bring joy into my life. I couldn't ask for more.

*M* being a gargoyle
2.  Supportive.  I know I have grandiose ideas and plans, many of which do not even end up happening at all. But, the very fact that you listen to them and support me through it all makes you an amazing husband and partner. ♥

3. Honest. I have never met anybody as honest as you.  You never tell untruths, not even little white lies. I appreciate you 100% honesty with me and with others. You are true to yourself and to us. ♥

4. My beliefs.  We started out with similar beliefs, but we now are on different, but conjoining spiritual paths. You let me believe in what I believe in, and you encourage it and let me know you honor my spiritual path. Whether I believe in a God or no god, whether I believe little purple-people-eaters or in faeries or anything else, you support me in that belief, even if it is not yours. I never thought I'd end up in an interfaith relationship, but I have and I wouldn't change it for the world.

5. Patient. Eternally patient. You have the patience of the Buddha with me. I know that I can be a bit much to handle at times, but you handle it with composure and love. You let me rant & rave when I feel that I cannot keep it inside any longer and are the most even-tempered person I've met. 

6.  Determination to finish anything. I have never met a man, woman or child who was so determined to finish anything like you, Mr. M. When a task or responsibility is given to you, you will not stop until it is done. Whether it is chores, homework, video games or life. It is something that I greatly admire about you and that you are teaching me through your example.

7.  His smile. If you are not attracted to your partner, then there can be a big hole in your relationship. From the time that I met Mr. M, I've been attracted to his sweet smile.  Mr. M., your smile is a smile that can melt even the coldest of hearts. It was the first thing that attracted me to you.  ♥

8. His willingness to help others. I have never met another person who is willing to give to others as much as you do. You are willing to give your all to others to be able to better their lives. ♥

9.  Your strength. I may be a bit vain...but the amount of physical strength that you have is incredible. The fact that you effortlessly pick things up without a care just makes you into an Adonis-type god for me. ♥

10.  You. Everything about you. If I did not like everything (including the positive and negative) then I wouldn't be with you. I appreciate the good and the bad, the happy and the sad. Everything. I love you. ♥

*I'll explain why I am using Mr. M for my husband. The reference comes from the show Arrested Development (which in fact is one of Mr. M's favourites). In the third season, there is an episode entitled Mr. F about a British Spy. The Mr. F. is a spoof on a James Bond film, Dr. No.


  1. Yay! I love this. Isn't it great that we have such wonderful hubbies??

  2. @Jennie, it is. It makes me happy to know that I have someone I can call my spouse and partner. :)

  3. This is really cute. I think I might have to do something similar.

  4. Thank you both @One Cool Family & Kirsten!


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