May 9, 2011

Creative Cat Toy

This is the story about how I turned a pair of socks into a kitty toy for my precious little Maybe.

Maybe Baby
My dearest grandmother, gave me a pair of those comfy *fuzzy* socks that can warm-up my feet even on the coldest of days. The only problem was that they had these big puffy bear heads on them that made them a bit of a pain to wear. 

Bear-head Socks

See?  I've tried wearing them a few times, but they felt big and bulky and I have gotten a few odd looks when people see neon blue bear heads poking out from underneath my jeans. 

What I decided to do was check out the inside of the socks to see if there was anything I could do to take the bear heads off. Luckily, there was and they were only attached by a few bits of embroidery thread.

I took out my trusty little seam-ripper and went to town on those socks.

 It was actually much easier then I had anticipated and it didn't cause any holes to the socks or the bears. 

After I was done I was left with two stuffed bear heads.

Bear Heads...RAWR!

I was not quite sure what to do with them until I saw Maybe laying around on the floor. So, my little Maybe gets a free toy and I get bear-free socks.

Here is one more picture of a newly-freed bear head. 


Here is Maybe with her newest toys
'Stuff on my M'
Glad I was able to recycle the parts of the socks that I did not want and did not have to throw them away in the trash. I hate throwing things away and try to use every part of everything possible.


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